“Another of the men whose voice impressed was Marko Mimica as Lord Sidney. His is a huge voice of massive power and accuracy.”

Il viaggio a Reims, Rossini Opera Festival, Pesaro
August, 2014

“Marko Mimica’s Raimondo was excellent, his stentorian bass ringing out as he described Arturo’s death and Lucia’s descent into madness. His character suffered a bit from having his Act II interaction with Lucia cut, but we nevertheless understood Raimondo to be a powerful, cool-headed man (as indeed he would have to be, to run into a bridal chamber at the sound of screams).”

Lucia di Lammermoor, Deutsche Oper, Berlin
May 2015

“The main prize could with equal validity have been awarded to Marko Mimica, a striking Croatian bass baritone with an ability to inhabit fully the character…”

The Guardian
Cardiff Singer of the World
June 2013

“I would have given the palm to the ruggedly handsome Croatian bass-baritone Marko Mimica. He is only 25 and still has a way to go – but what promise, and what keen musical intelligence. Nerves got the better of him as Mozart’s Figaro, but he brought magnificent swagger to Verdi’s Attila and irresistible wit to Rossini’s Basilio. I prophesy a great career.”

Daily Telegraph
Cardiff Singer of the World
June 2013

“The Croatian Bass-baritone Marko Mimica shares more than just a birth-year with tonights gifted conductor. He too showed a musical and technical accomplishment remarkable for his age. He excellently managed the tessitura and the fioratura which so often confound more experienced singers. More natural, ringing and full in the opening of Act III, his Italian was absolutely spot on in the treacherous parlando phrases which follow in the later trio. This is a new talent with great potential.”

GB Opera – Il Trovatore
Deutsche Oper, Berlin
June 2012